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We have so far manufactured 100+ boats, running successfully over the seas.

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Steel boat manufacturer in India

"C-Lion Engineering” is one of the leading steel boat manufacturers in India. We have 75+ workers, who are dedicated to manufacturing and delivering high-quality steel boats specially meant for the fishing purpose. All our boats are manufactured and delivered with the high-performance level under testing. We have highly skilled boat builders with almost 10+ years of experience. We are expertise in manufacturing boats of different models as like Persin and trawler. Also, we offer the possibility of customizing the boats according to the client requirements. Our main intention is to deliver new boat models to the clients and make their dream come true.

Why choose us for manufacturing steel boats?

  • We use high-quality materials, steels, fiber, plywood, which are an ISO certified
  • We focus on using latest tools to provide the best for our customers.
  • We assure project delivery on time with great customer satisfaction.
Steel boat manufacturer

We have clients over all India and some of our reputed clients are from

  • Karnataka

  • West Bengal

  • Mumbai

  • Kerala

  • Mangalore

  • Malpe

  • Kundapur

  • Karwar

Our recent boats

"We take pride in saying that we have built a boat to the Ex-Indian Navy officer."

Steel boat builders West Bengal
Length 66 feet
Breadth 20 feet
Depth 13 feet
Weight Approx 50 tons
Fishing boat builder Mumbai
Length 72 feet
Breadth 20 feet
Depth 13.5 feet
Weight Approx 55 tons
Boat builder Mangalore
Length 78 feet
Breadth 20 feet
Depth 14 feet
Weight Approx 60 tons

Quality steel boat manufactures in Mangalore

We assure project delivery on time with great customer satisfaction
we are ready to build customized steel boats for your fishing business